Important changes to the College website

Dear Colleagues,

Exciting work is happening in the Communications & Marketing department (C&M). One of the top priorities is improving the student experience on the website. We must ensure our site meets the College’s strategic goals for increasing student enrollment and satisfies legal accessibility requirements. The end goal and outcome is to make the site easier for you to maintain and easier for students to find what they need.

In order to make the necessary structural site changes and develop improved page templates, we need to make changes to the way employees update and add content to the site.

  1. Please send all website-related requests and inquiries to:

We are now using Zendesk ticketing system to improve our workflow efficiency. When you send a message to this central email address, it will generate a ticket so we can better track and address your needs. (This email address is always monitored by C&M staff; please do not copy Adam Staffa, Chris Hahn, or on your requests).

  1. Please discontinue creating new pages or making structural changes to the site

If you need to significantly rework a page, menu, or section, please first consult with the Executive Team member for your area. We will determine the level of priority and when the request is passed on to C&M.

  1. Do your best to plan your changes to existing pages ahead of time

Some approvals for changes to existing pages may be subject to delays due to the architectural work we are undertaking. If you have an urgent content change for an existing page, please make a note of that in your message to websupport. (Urgent matters are defined as: changing time-sensitive event dates, making corrections that directly impact student enrollment, or making any edit where we are at risk of legal action due to non-compliance.)

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this important work. C&M will provide you with periodic updates as well as guidelines and instructions as work is completed. Your assistance will ultimately help ensure the site is easier for students to use and for employees to maintain!

Please contact me or your Executive Team member if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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