Garden Help Needed! Oct. 5 & 6

Did you know that our campus has a community garden that grows food for the food bank?

Our garden needs a fall cleanup and the Deep Roots Garden Group is looking for people who enjoy gardening (or just want an excuse to get a little sun on their lunch break) to help us this week.

Come by for an hour or 10 minutes, whatever you can do will be appreciated.

Thurs   Oct 5   8am-4pm
Friday  Oct 6   8am-4 pm

If you are interested, here’s what to do:

–Come by the garden, just north of the 2700 building, and start pulling weeds/plants from the garden beds.  Pull anything that’s NOT labeled with bright pink tape.
–There will be tools, gloves, and a wheelbarrow for weeds.
–After the beds are cleared, we will sow cover crops in the open spaces that will enrich the soil for next year’s crops.

If you have any questions while working, please see Amy Easton (, 546-4528) in the 2600 building.

If you are interested in joining the Deep Roots Garden Group, please contact Judy Penn ( or Adria Magrath (

We would love to have more of our campus participate in this group that fights hunger on our campus and in our community.

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