Deadline to apply for the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship is Fri., Nov. 3

The Shoreline Community College Foundation Board of Directors has established a new scholarship endowment called the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to provide funds in perpetuity for faculty to use toward their professional development.

In the 2017-18 inaugural year, the Professional Development Scholarship will be specifically for associate faculty. Instructors who have taught at Shoreline for at least two quarters and will be continuing at Shoreline are eligible. The award amount is $1,100, and one award will be made annually until the endowment earnings increase.

“We are thrilled to be able to support associate faculty in this way and to show our commitment to helping provide access to learning and growth opportunities,” said Mary Brueggeman, Vice President for Advancement/Shoreline Community College Foundation Executive Director.

“While professional development activities clearly benefit the faculty, they also benefit the college and students,” said Brueggeman. “By creating and promoting a culture of active learning for faculty and staff across our organization, professional development helps focus our community around the shared goal of student success. Supporting our faculty with growth opportunities is an excellent investment for our students and college.”

Professional development includes: attending conferences, workshops, and meetings or delivering presentations as a means to further a faculty member’s growth and expertise in teaching at Shoreline Community College. Donations to the fund are welcomed.

“We’d love to be able to offer more than one scholarship as well as larger amounts per scholarship,” said Brueggeman. “It would be wonderful if faculty, emeriti, alumni, or anyone positively affected by their experience with Shoreline Community College and Shoreline faculty contributed to this fund so we can support the professional growth of even more deserving faculty.”

Applications for the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship are due on November 3, 2017. Applications are available on the Foundation webpage.

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