Winter 2018 enrollment deadline

Students may add classes through the first full week of the quarter only. The final date for students to enroll for winter 2018 either in person or online is Friday, January 12, 2018.* See Important Dates.

Late enrollment may occur in rare and unusual circumstances only. For winter quarter 2018, the late-enrollment deadline is Monday, January 22, 2018. Students wishing to add a class during the second week of the quarter must submit a Petition for Late Enrollment to the instructor of the class they wish to add (not to Enrollment & Financial Aid Services).

Instructors who receive a Petition for Late Enrollment should indicate on the form whether they approve or deny the petition, and whether the student has been attending class. Instructors who approve a late enrollment should provide a written plan for student success on the petition form, sign the form, and submit it to their deans for a final decision. If approved, the dean will forward the petition to Enrollment & Financial Aid Services, who will register the student and notify the student, instructor, and dean.

*Exceptions: With instructor approval, exceptions to the late enrollment deadline include re-enrollment in classes that have been dropped for non-payment, changing to a different section of the same course with the same instructor, changing levels of ESL when the change is initiated by the instructor, state employee and senior citizen tuition waivers, and enrollment into late-starting and continuous-enrollment courses.

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