Leadership change – resource allocation & reporting

For the past several months, the Executive Team has been assessing how to allocate the functions previously performed by the position of Executive Director, Budget and Capital. This position supervised the Facilities Department and the Safety & Security Department, as well as budget activities of the College, and reported to Stuart Trippel, Senior Executive Director & CFO.

Having considered our needs for careful resource allocation and comprehensive financial reporting, in the context presented by a vacant position, the College has decided to enhance its finance and budget functions and change the executive director position to Director, Resource Allocation & Reporting. This position will continue to report to Stuart Trippel and will supervise the budget office. The Facilities Department and the Safety & Security Department will also continue to report to Mr. Trippel. No additional funding will be required, because the previous executive director position will be eliminated.

Since the vast majority of the College’s budget, as well as the most complex component, is salary and benefits, the College is reassigning Satoko Prigmore as payroll manager to the new position of Director, Resource Allocation and Reporting, effective January 16, 2018. In addition to supervising the budget office, Ms. Prigmore will also take on projects related financial analysis and reporting to the campus community and outside entities. While her replacement as payroll manager is identified, Ms. Prigmore will continue to support the College’s payroll function.

Ms. Prigmore holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from City University and an associate’s degree in accounting from Seattle Central College. Prior to becoming payroll manager, she worked for the College as a Fiscal Analyst 3 and in other accounting positions.

Mr. Trippel said, “I’m delighted that Satoko is willing to take on this role. The knowledge and experience that she has gained from serving as our payroll manager will be particularly important to her work in the new position. I greatly value Satoko’s precision, problem-solving skills, and her ability to communicate complex information.”

Questions can be directed to Stuart Trippel on extension 4672 or at strippel@shoreline.edu.

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