Core themes feedback needed

FEEDBACK NEEDED:  Core Themes and Accreditation

At our fall quarter Campus Update, Bayta Maring synthesized our work over three years focusing on our strategic plan, values, vision, and mission, and introduced the next phase: core themes and assessment. (You can watch the video if you missed the presentation). Attendees were invited to provide feedback about the core themes and indicators, and Bayta has incorporated those comments into a revised version.

Please take an opportunity to review and provide comments about Shoreline’s new core themes and indicators via online survey:

“Core themes” is a term defined by our accreditors, the Northwest Commission on College and Universities (NWCCU), and represent a tool to help assess whether we are meeting our mission. Defining our measures of success is fundamental to keeping true to what we do, and ongoing tracking of those measures is a standard by which our accreditors evaluate our vitality as a college. The proposed shift in our core themes represents a change towards more clarity and consistency in assessment, and will help us address one of four recommendations we received from NWCCU in 2012.

In fall of 2018, we will welcome an NWCCU evaluator for an ad-hoc visit to follow up on four remaining recommendations from 2012 that focus on (1) alignment of core themes, strategic planning, and budgeting;  (2) assessment of all programs and services; (3) updating policies and procedures; and (4) core theme indicators. Bayta Maring serves as our Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), and will be working closely with many of you to document progress since our mid-cycle self-study in October 2015, and to ensure we continue our progress through this academic year. The ad-hoc visit provides an excellent opportunity for us to take stock and celebrate the immense amount of work we have accomplished in the past three years, and look ahead to what Shoreline will be in 2020 when we conduct our full self-study.

If you are interested in being part of developing Shoreline’s core theme indicators, work groups are forming now!  Contact Bayta Maring ( for more information.

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