Student immigration article in Seattle Times

You may have read a Seattle Times’ article this weekend about a Shoreline international student being detained at the border. Here is additional information that can be shared with students or employees regarding the student’s situation:

  • The student in the article was following a standard procedure for regaining valid F-1 status: Travel and re-entry. Many students at area colleges and universities choose to re-enter the US at the Canadian border because it is nearby and they can complete their re-entry process within a few hours and return to focusing on their academic pursuits quickly. Unfortunately, this student was unsuccessful in completing the re-entry process and was detained by Customs and Border Protection.
  • This is a highly unusual turn of events. Current administrators at the College are aware of only one other instance of an F-1 international student being held in detention, however, that situation was under entirely different circumstances and happened years ago.
  • The student was released over the weekend and is working with College staff to return to her studies as quickly as possible. College administration came together quickly to help advocate for this student and the International Education staff, with their decades of experience, will continue to provide appropriate support to her. The College is also working with our area SEVP representative to discuss how to best ensure students can avoid this situation in the future.

If you have any questions about F-1 immigration regulations, please contact Samira Pardanani, Executive Director for International Education (, 206-546-4697). To learn more about campus and community immigration resources, please visit

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