Shoreline PACT graduate takes top honors at Honda’s National TopTech Championship

In October, Honda PACT program graduate Rob Dykstra won 1st place in the regional Honda TopTech competition in Portland. On January 24, 2018, he was crowned Honda’s National TopTech Champion.

Rob is a sharp guy and there’s no doubt his intelligence, his passion for Honda, and his desire to fix cars right the first time led to his recent accomplishment. Yet he attributes much of his success to the Honda technology education he received in the PACT program at Shoreline. Rob graduated from the Honda PACT Program in 2005.

“I think the PACT program helped a lot in the competition,” he said. “From the beginning of the PACT program you learn the basics and also how to diagnose problems efficiently. I could always hear my instructor in my head telling me not to forget the small stuff.”

The voice Dykstra was hearing in his head was that of Shoreline Community College PACT instructor Bob Biesiedzinski, who is justifiably proud of his former pupil. “Rob Dykstra is a living example of the Honda Spirit and Philosophy,” Biesiedzinski said. “He demonstrates great knowledge and patience as he works tirelessly to ensure that customers’ cars are properly repaired.”

As National TopTech Champion Rob will be invited to Japan in 2019 to compete against the champions from other countries in the first Honda World Technician Contest. We’re positive Rob will represent the US, American Honda, and PACT well. The Honda PACT Program at Shoreline Community College is very proud of Rob’s accomplishments and wishes him the best as he moves forward in this important contest!

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