Message from President Roberts: New Executive Director for Employee Engagement, Equity & Org. Devel.

Gloria Ngezaho Headshot PhotoDr. Gloria Ngezaho selected as Executive Director for Employee Engagement, Equity & Organizational Development, with Veronica Zura named Executive Director for Human Resources

As part of our 2016-21 Strategic Plan, the College identified the goal to “continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement.” As we completed the most recent recruitment for the Executive Director position, an opportunity arose to create a framework that is truly supportive of effective employee engagement and organizational development.

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Gloria Ngezaho has been selected as the new Executive Director for Employee Engagement, Equity & Organizational Development within the Office of Human Resources and Employee Relations. Dr. Ngezaho will report directly to me, and will begin his new position on May 15, 2018.

Dr. Ngezaho’s exceptional experience as a practitioner in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion make him uniquely positioned to come alongside us as we continue our efforts to create an inclusive work and learning environment. In looking at the unique skill set Dr. Ngezaho brings to this position, I have identified the opportunity to separate out the employee engagement aspect from the operational Human Resources work that will allow Dr. Ngezaho to focus his total attention on improving the employee experience. To that end, beginning April 3, 2018, Veronica Zura will serve as the Executive Director for Human Resources, reporting to Senior Executive Director & CFO, Stuart Trippel.

Dr. Ngezaho shared his excitement at accepting this position with the following statement, “A single bracelet does not jingle. A committed, different many are a must to make a beautiful sound. I am thrilled to join, not only a committed community, but a welcoming community. As such, I am no longer a single bracelet, but we are now many. I can’t wait to see what beautiful sounds we create together. Phins Up! All in!

Dr. Ngezaho will be joining us following his most recent role as the Chief Program and Equity Officer for Open School in Portland, Oregon, where he led the school’s efforts in modeling leadership that advocates and generates specific support for historically underrepresented groups, with particular support focused on low-income groups and communities of color.  Dr. Ngezaho is also a published author, a former Oregon House District candidate, a prior member of the Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee, and currently serving in his second term as the Vice Chair of Budget Committee at Centennial School District.

Dr. Ngezaho holds a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Management from Concordia University-Portland, a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution for International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution from Portland State University, and a Bachelor of International Studies in Political Economy from Portland State University. He also holds a certificate in intercultural and interfaith mediation from the U.S. Peace Institute and is a graduate of Harvard University School of Education with a certification in Education Leadership.

As we prepare to welcome Dr. Ngezaho to campus, I also wish to extend a sincere thank you to the screening committee, the Office of Human Resources, and the campus community who participated in this recruitment. Thank you for your efforts!

In appreciation,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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