Summer registration starts Monday – NEW 4-week classes available

Summer Quarter registration for continuing students starts this Monday, May 14.  Browse some of our most popular summer classes at or check out the complete Summer Schedule.

Summer 2018 Featured Courses

NEW options for Summer 2018! Choose from the standard 8-week session (July 2-August 23), or the newly expanded list of 4-week fast-track intensive classes. These intensive sessions condense a full quarter’s worth of credits into just 4 weeks. Choose from Session I (July 2-26) or Session II (July 30-August 23).

ART 131 Drawing 1 (on-campus): Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 3023
ART 132 Drawing 2 (on-campus): Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 3024
ART 133 Drawing 3 (on-campus)Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 3025
ART 144 Beginning Photography (on-campus)Session I (July 2-26) – Item 0185
ASL& 121 American Sign Language I (on-campus): Session I (July 2-26) – Item 0215
ASL& 122 American Sign Language II (on-campus): Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 0217
BUS 270 Entrepreneurship – Starting a New Business (on-campus): Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 3030
MATH& 141 – Precalculus I (on-campus): Session I (July 2-26) – Item 3018
MATH& 142 – Precalculus II (on-campus): Session II (July 30-August 23) – Item 3026
NUTR& 101 Nutrition (online only)Session I (July 2-26) – Item 0901
PHYS 110 Concepts of the Physical World (on-campus) Session I (July 2-26) – Item 0975
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology (online only) Session II (July 30-August 23) – 
SPAN& 121 Spanish I (on-campus): July 2-18 – Item 1009
SPAN& 122 Spanish II (on-campus): July 19-August 6 – Item 1011
SPAN& 123 Spanish III (on-campus): August 7-23 – Item 1013

Students should review the complete Summer Schedule, then contact to discuss how to register for the classes they want.

All current students will receive an email on Thursday, May 10 indicating this information, and we encourage faculty to spread the word in their classes and via Canvas.

Faculty, please note: These intensive courses have different important dates (i.e., last day to add, last day for refund, last day to withdraw). Please check with Enrollment Services and Financial Aid early in the term for any questions about the important dates for your particular intensive class.

If you have questions, please contact Pollie McCloskey, in the Office of Student Learning & Success, at

Alison Stevens, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Student Learning & Success


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