Policy updates

At the May 23, 2018 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the following changes to College policy:

Revised Policies
Policy 3801 (Preservation of Campus Land)
Policy 4120 (Drug- & Alcohol-Free Campus)
Policy 4600 (Teleworking)

Policies Approved for Elimination
Policy 4112 (Affirmative Action for Vietnam Era and Disabled Veterans)
Policy 5015 (Admission Requirements – Foreign Students)
Policy 6291 (Eye Protection)

Rules Approved for Elimination
Chapter 132G-160 (Admissions & Registration Procedures)
Chapter 132G-300-010 (Grievance Procedure, Title IX)

Information related to College policies and associated procedures can be found online at http://www.shoreline.edu/about-shoreline/policies-procedures/

Questions regarding policies and procedures may be directed to the Office of Human Resources (scchr@shoreline.edu, 206-546-4679) at any time.

Thank you. 


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