Shoreline transitions to dynamic, electronic catalog

As part of ongoing efforts to communicate clearly and accurately about all of Shoreline’s academic offerings, Shoreline will be transitioning to a database-driven, dynamic, electronic catalog for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Funded by a Shoreline innovation grant, the catalog will be created and maintained using Acalog, a software application from DIGARC.

A cross-functional team from Communications and Marketing, Advising, Curriculum Committee, Technology Support Services, and Dean Team submitted the innovation fund proposal, noting strong benefits to students and the College to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of catalog development and publishing. The new electronic catalog will support and enhance forthcoming changes in the College’s website.

What will the change mean for you?

There will be some significant changes coming, particularly in advising students about course selection. Most notable among these are:

    • The full catalog will still be printable, but will have a different look and feel from our previous printed catalog. For samples of colleges using Digarc for their catalog solution, visit Edmonds Community College or Highline College.
    • As students are selecting courses, they can immediately read course descriptions by clicking on a course number. For example, in the list of courses that fulfill the social sciences distribution requirements, students can just click on the course and learn about the course, its prerequisites, and when it is typically offered.
    • All program planning guides and major preparation sheets will be captured within the catalog, not in separate documents, reducing the possibility for inaccuracy in reporting program requirements and recommendations.
    • The reviewing process for catalog and planning guide materials will be moved online and can be done from any browser, with all changes tracked and documented.
    • Some of the content from the planning guides, particularly information geared toward prospective students, will be captured on program option web pages;  whereas detailed information about program requirements and recommended courses will be included in the catalog.

If you have been involved in the planning guide or catalog revision process in the past, expect further communication in the next few days about what the process will look like this year and next.

Bayta Maring ( and Jenifer Aydelotte ( are the primary contacts for questions, with Jenifer taking on the role of “catalog manager.” They will be receiving extensive training on the editing process over the next several weeks. The new catalog will be published September 2018.

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