2018 Summer Quarter Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollment in 8-week Summer Quarter Classes—beginning on July 2, 2018

  • Friday, July 6, 2018, is the last day for students to add regular 8-week Summer Quarter classes
  • Online registration ends on July 6, 2018 (see Important Dates)

Enrollment in Fast Track Summer Quarter Classes—4 weeks or less beginning on various dates

  • The last day to add a Fast Track class is the day before the start date for the class that is listed in the published class schedule
  • After July 2, 2018, enrollment in Fast Track classes must be in person during business hours, or by emailed request to regdl@shoreline.edu received by the close of business on the day before the listed start date for the class

Late Enrollment for Summer Quarter Classes

  • For regular 8-week Summer Quarter classes, Petitions for Late Enrollment may be submitted Monday, July 9, through Wednesday, July 11
  • For Fast Track Summer Quarter classes (4 weeks or less), Petitions for Late Enrollment may be submitted up to one instructional day after the published start date for the class

Examples of Enrollment Deadlines for FastTrack Summer Quarter Classes:

Fast Track Class Start Date Enrollment Deadline Late Enrollment Deadline
ASL& 121 07/02/18 07/01/18 07/03/18
MUSTC 172 07/11/18 07/10/18 07/12/18
PSYC& 200 07/30/18 07/27/18 by noon 07/31/18
SPAN& 123 08/07/18 08/06/18 08/08/18

Late Enrollment at Shoreline

Late enrollment is permitted in rare and unusual circumstances only. Enrolling after the last enrollment day for any course requires submission of a Petition for Late Enrollment. The petition must be filled out completely and signed by the student, the relevant instructor(s), and the relevant dean before it is submitted to Enrollment Services.

With instructor approval, exceptions to late enrollment deadlines include:

  • Re-enrolling in classes that have been dropped for non-payment
    • Changing to a different section of the same course with the same instructor
    • Changing levels of ESL when the change is initiated by the instructor
    • State employee and senior citizen tuition waivers
    • Enrollment into continuous-enrollment courses

Students enrolling under these exceptions should use the Schedule Change Form.

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