The Ray Howard Library Can Help

The Ray Howard Library partners with faculty to create cutting-edge technology-rich information literacy learning. Take Control. Use the Library.

Here are this week’s nuts and bolts tips for getting services and resources for you and our students!

Book your instruction
To request a librarian for your class, email/call/visit TaChalla Ferris, the Instruction Literacy Librarian ( or , Rm 4207, (206) 546-4571) for the dates and times you would like to bring your class into the library. Feel free to mention if you would prefer to work with a certain librarian. However, please understand that if that librarian is not available, the next available librarian will be assigned to your class or we could work on finding a different day and time for your class to visit the library.

Librarian Prescriptions
Looking for a way to incorporate research instruction into your course without giving up valuable class time? Your students can experience individualized consultation with a faculty librarian with the Librarian Prescription assignment. Librarians provide individualized, differentiated instruction, tailored to your course content. Once the student has successfully completed the requirements of the assignment, the librarian signs and dates the bottom. Use this as part of their research, topic development, and/or citation creation process. Students acquire the lifelong learning skill of using libraries and librarians. Email or to set up the librarian prescription assignment.

Collection concept
Students prefer reading in print, but the library has limited shelf space.  Students can browse and check out fresh, attractive print books selected by instructors and librarians that draw them into the subject matter.  Once interested, students can delve deep in our robust online collection, including over 400,000 ebooks. Special collections dot the library space for first-year experience, recreational reading, and English Language Learning. Books on teaching and learning attract instructors to the library so students and faculty rub elbows while pursuing learning.

Space concept 
Students pack the library.  They use it to student alone or in groups.  They read for fun or study. They claim particular tables and meet their friends there for the rest of the quarter. They get research help from librarians; math help in the Math Learning Center; writing help in the Writing and Learning Studio; personal tutors in the Tutoring Center. Some areas of the library are silent for individual study and some are conversational for group work. Whiteboards aid group study. Study rooms are also available for reservation.  Please stop by the library as often as you can to peruse the new books, check out the Teaching and Learning collection, and be seen by your students!

Instruction Program and information literacy plan
We look at library instruction as a collaborative effort in which we work closely with instructors to ensure the students are getting the appropriate information/resources they need for their coursework and for lifelong learning. Students develop information literacy skills that they use at Shoreline Community College and beyond. Bringing a class into the library allows the instructor to focus on the course material while introducing the students to an essential resource this college has to offer. Our Information Literacy Plan helps us reach as many of our 10,000 students as possible to help you incorporate the information literacy general education outcome into your teaching.  Contact TaChalla Ferris or to learn more about information literacy at Shoreline Community College.

Headphones. You don’t need them…until you need them. But the Library has you covered! Come to the One Desk to choose from a variety of gear, including regular headphones, headphones with microphones attached, and even noise-dampening safety earmuffs. We’ve got splitters, too, so two people can listen in on one device. The checkout period for these items is two hours. Whether you’ve got a virtual meeting to attend, a lecture to record, a noisy work environment, or want to privately listen to something on one of the Library’s computers…head this way!

This is how you import the Library Orientation module into your course
Want your students to do a library orientation but don’t have time for a tour? Consider importing our Introduction to the Library hybrid online and face-to-face module to your Canvas classroom. Students write, watch a video, explore the physical library, meet a librarian and take a quiz. You can modify this module. Import it by clicking on Commons on the left navigation bar in Canvas. Type shoreline community college introduction to the library into the search bar. Click on the Introduction to the Library. In the Import into Canvas box on the right, search for the course to which you want to import the module, and follow the Canvas prompts. For more information, email

New Online Resources: Available this year only, from Perkins funding, access this database from the library website

PrepStep has tools that empower students to:
Build foundational skills for college success
Improve core English, math and science skills
Score higher on placement tests
Acquire basic computer skills
Build workplace skills and explore careers
Prepare for occupational exams
Succeed in college and beyond

Thank you!
Ray Howard Library

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