NEW Gallery Exhibit – Taller DeLirio: SOS for Lake Pátzcuaro

There’s a new exhibit in the Admin (1000 Bldg) Art Gallery:
SOS for Lake Pátzcuaro
The Lily Project / Proyecto DeLirio
October 1, 2018 – January 11, 2019

This exhibition combines cultural preservation, environmental activism and community collaboration through the processes of paper making and printmaking to share the story and inspiration of Taller DeLirio.

Near Lake Patzcuaro in the small town of Huecorio, Mexico, artist Esteban Silva and his wife Tania Dominguez are working to bring attention to the slow destruction of the lake by an invasive water plant, the water hyacinth. Esteban and Tania responded to this environmental crisis by removing and making paper from the hyacinth. They use this paper to promote awareness and community involvement through their studio, Taller DeLirio.

In 2016, Taller DeLirio invited painters and engravers to participate in a poster project “SOS for Lake Patzcuaro” and the result was surprising. They ended with a collection of 64 posters by 32 local artists, addressing the environmental and social themes of the lake environment. The paper and graphic project was carried out in conjunction with their group of paper workers at Taller DeLirio and the invited artists.

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday // 9 – 5
For more information or exhibition tours contact:
Claire Putney, Art Gallery Director at

SOS gallery

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