Virtual Campus, Instructional Media, and Plus 50 Name Changes

The College is moving away from the term “Virtual Campus” in favor of “Online Learning.” Executive Director, Ann Garnsey-Harter, explains, “Using the term ‘virtual’ to refer to online learning can be confusing for students as it now can bring to mind virtual reality and augmented reality.” The name of the department that provides support for online students and faculty will remain “eLearning Services.”

The department that produces instructional videos, as well as assists students and faculty in using classroom technology systems, will be renamed from “Instructional Media” to “Classroom Support Services.” That department’s duties will expand to become a one-stop shop for faculty and student needs within the physical classrooms.  Randy Gottfried’s title will change to Director for Classroom Support Services.

Finally, the College’s non-credit educational offerings are now housed in this same division and the program offerings will be rebranded from “Plus 50” or “Bridges to Shoreline” to “Continuing Education.”  The Global Affairs Center (GAC) will reside within Continuing Education and a new Program Specialist 2, Kailey Wolf, has been hired to coordinate a college-wide events series, which will include GAC events.

The Division now will be known as eLearning, Classroom Support, & Continuing Education, with Garnsey-Harter serving as its Executive Director.  

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