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Every week, the library sends a newsletter with nuts and bolts of getting services and resources for you and our students!

How to request books
Online Books
New Books
Unearth Collections
Where things are in the Library
Reading Apprenticeship
ACRL Framework/Threshold Concepts

How to suggest a book purchase
Sometimes the Ray Howard Library doesn’t have what you need, but don’t despair! We welcome your suggestions for materials to purchase for the library collection, and often the process can be quick. We can also notify you as soon as the item is available for checkout. Simply visit the Instructors Toolkit on the library website and click the button for Purchasing & Reserves. Please contact Acting Associate Dean Leslie Potter-Henderson or if you have any questions.

Online Books
The Library has a rich collection of electronic books—in total, about 155,000 full text books online! The two collections that we subscribe to are ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB), a collection of fully searchable high-quality peer-reviewed books on the Humanities, and ProQuest Ebooks Central, which features ebooks on a wide variety of subjects, including the arts, business, education, health and medicine, history and political science, science and technology, and much more. We think ebooks are terrific because you can easily search the entire full text of a book for topics that are of interest to you, and you can download the whole book or print just a chapter—all from the convenience of a computer, without having to check out anything from the Library itself. To find ebooks, visit the links above, or use the Library’s OneSearch, also on our homepage, to search and then select the filters Full Text Online and Books.

New Books
We routinely purchase fresh new books on a huge variety of topics, and browsing them is a great way to take a break and see what’s new and interesting in the Library. Stop by our two displays of new books! One is directly across from the Research Help Desk, and the other is a few steps away, opposite the graphic novels collection.

Unearth Collections
It’s always exciting to see the book you suggested show up on the new books shelf, but we have some amazing works already. For example:

Ghosts includes 588 books and films such as:

Phantom past, indigenous presence : native ghosts in North American culture and history

Haints : American Ghosts, Millennial Passions, and Contemporary Gothic Fictions.

Ghosts of the southern mountains and Appalachia

Or for something even scarier, try some books on global warming:

Behind the Curve Science and the Politics of Global Warming

Cheap and clean : how Americans think about energy in the age of global warming

Power in a Warming World The New Global Politics of Climate Change and the Remaking of Environmental Inequality

Where Things are in the Library
When you come in the front door, you will see the One Desk, where librarians and circulation staff help everyone find and check out materials. To the right, towards the front, is a large, beautiful space for group work. Walking toward the back of the library, the BioChem Learning Center is on the right, the Math Learning Center is at the back, and the Collaborative Learning Classroom is at the left back. The main stacks are on the left side of the building. At the left front are the study rooms and the Tutoring Center.  The Writing and Learning Studio is upstairs; the student lab is downstairs, and the black box theater and Honors Lounge are toward the back downstairs. Feel free to come walk through!

Reading Apprenticeship
Many students don’t engage with their textbooks in meaningful and useful ways.  Sometimes our students come to college without the confidence that comes along with concrete skills and techniques for dealing with difficult texts. Reading Apprenticeship is a metacognitive approach excavating and sharing experts’ reading skills and techniques.  Many faculty at Shoreline have been incorporating Reading apprenticeship routines into their instruction. Interested in trying it out? Try a Gallery Walk for high impact, low ramp up active learning opportunity.  Contact Claire Murata or if you would like to learn more!

ACRL Framework and Library instruction
Authority Is Constructed and Contextual – Information resources reflect their creators’ expertise and credibility, and are evaluated based on the information need and the context in which the information will be used. Authority is constructed in that various communities may recognize different types of authority. It is contextual in that the information need may help to determine the level of authority required.” Those who have worked with a librarian for their class may have seen this framework taught in their library sessions. If you would like to learn more about how we incorporate it into our instruction, please contact us at or x6939.

Are you planning a special event–a guest speaker, a panel, a conference, or something similar? Let the Library support you with our unique services! Our most popular way of supporting events is by creating an online guide (called a LibGuide) that collects resources relevant to your event. For example, if you are hosting a panel discussion about free speech on college campuses, we can develop a list of resources on the topic that provide valuable background knowledge or supplemental reading. Our LibGuides contain articles, books, websites, videos, and other resources–curated by librarians–that inform you and your audience on the topics that are important to you. We can also bring resources to your event personally: A librarian can bring books, other readings, and even a laptop to check out library books to the event attendees and provide on-the-spot research.

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