Message from President Roberts: Midterm Election Results

Dear Colleague, 

The U.S. midterm election this week has generated a large amount of civic engagement and the passionate exchange of many viewpoints.

As a community of diverse people, we at Shoreline value opportunities to both share our own points of view and allow others to express theirs. As a public community college, we are obliged to both uphold the right to free speech and expression, and affirm our identity as a respectful and inclusive learning community.

As always, we want our campus to remain a place of open inquiry and learning, modeling the ideals set out in our Community Standard. While we may sometimes be uncomfortable with differing points of view, we have a common standard to hold these conversations in a respectful manner.

If you know of any students who are feeling anxious or stressed about the current political climate, please encourage them to reach out to our Counseling Center for support (206-546-4594, FOSS Building). Counseling services are also available to Shoreline employees via the Employee Assistance Program (877-313-4455). Please also know that our Safety & Security team is aware that members of our campus community may be feeling a heightened sense of concern, and is maintaining a proactive presence on the campus.

I encourage each of us to listen, look, and actively participate in respectful dialogue that will help us learn together, as a community.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


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