Open call for art – ALL staff & faculty


If you haven’t received the invite on staff/faculty listservs…

The Shoreline Community College Art Gallery is proud to present an exhibition that celebrates creative visionaries among our staff and faculty from all departments and disciplines (that’s YOU!). Through visual, performing and literary arts, many of us connect with students and our surrounding communities in diverse and inspiring ways or make art just for our own spiritual health. This exhibit honors these big picture thinkers from a variety of fields across campus who participate in artistic practices both in their personal lives and through student engagement.

If you make anything (visual, literary, performance, sound) and would like to be a part of this first-ever staff/faculty exhibition, please email Claire Putney at BEFORE 12/18/2018 with the following preliminary information:

Contact (phone & email)
(i.e., painting, film, poetry, fiber arts etc.)

More details to follow once we have a sense of how many of you will be participating.

Questions? Contact Claire Putney.

The BIGGER Picture:
January 14 – April 26, 2019

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