Organizational structure of the Office of Student Learning & Success during Dr. Stevens’ medical leave

*Note: This message is a re-post of an email Dr. Roberts sent to staff and faculty on 12/20/2018.

Dear Colleague,

As you read in my recent DAAG message, Dr. Alison Stevens, Executive Vice President for Student Learning & Success will be on medical leave beginning winter quarter. I am sure you will join me in sending Dr. Stevens healing thoughts during her medical leave with an expected return to her position for spring quarter.

While Dr. Stevens is on medical leave, it is essential to appoint an Acting Vice President for Student Learning who is knowledgeable about the areas within Student Learning and capable of leading essential work within Dean Team and the Student Learning Experience Coordinating Committee, which is focused on increasing enrollment, retention, and completion.

It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Bayta Maring will take on the role of Acting Vice President while Dr. Stevens is on medical leave. Dr. Maring brings a wealth of experience and has demonstrated leadership skills that will allow Shoreline to move forward during this transitional time, while the search for the permanent position is also underway. Dr. Maring will continue to serve on the screening committee for the permanent Vice President for Student Learning role and has chosen not to be a candidate for that position.

The Acting Vice President for Student Learning will lead all instructional divisions, including the four academic divisions (Humanities, Social Sciences & Library, HO/PE & Business, and STEM & Workforce); International Education; eLearning, Classroom Support Services & Continuing Education; Institutional Assessment & Data Management; and the Office of Student Learning. Dr. Maring will also work with the Faculty Senate leadership. This position will report directly to the President, as will Dr. Marisa Herrera, VP for Students, Equity & Success.

While Dr. Maring takes on these new responsibilities, she will continue in her role as Accreditation Liaison Officer, and will be joining the Executive Team. Dr. Lisa Malik will lead the Office of Institutional Assessment and Data Management. Brigid Nulty, Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, will continue to report to Dr. Maring.

The coming months will also bring some of our most important conversations between administrators and the Shoreline Community College Federation of Teachers (SCCFT). Over the years, administrators in different roles have served as leads for the administrative teams in collective bargaining and the Joint Union Management Committee (JUMC). Dr. Guy Hamilton is the administrative lead for the SCCFT contract negotiations, and to ensure continuity of leadership during this critical time, I have asked him to also serve as lead for the JUMC administrative team.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Maring as the Acting VP for Student Learning.

With thanks,
Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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