Big math changes – feedback needed

BIG CHANGES are coming to Shoreline’s math courses, and this will affect your students.  What will your students do if they can’t take Math 098? Tell us what you think before it’s too late! Email Shana Calaway,, with any comments or concerns.

Proposal: New Developmental Math Course Structure

Effective: Starting Fall quarter 2019, complete implementation by Fall quarter 2020

Proposed structure: Students who place above ABE level will be allowed to enroll directly into one of Math 099, Math 107, or Math 146, whichever is appropriate for their program. If their placement indicates that they need it, they will be required to take a corequisite support course alongside. (3-credit for Math 099, 2-credit for Math 107 or Math 146). The support courses will offer just-in-time support for the students in the on-level courses. The Math Department will no longer offer stand-alone Math 060, 070, or 098 courses.

Changes to the courses we offer: Math 107 and Math 146 will be reordered to accommodate the just-in-time corequisite. Math 099 will be completely redesigned to include the most important parts of our current Math 070, 098 and 099, based on the results of an assessment grant we undertook last year. Math 060, Math 070, and Math 098 will no longer be offered.

This is only a proposal, and we can still make adjustments. But the window for feedback is closing soon. We are working on the new courses now.

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