Extended Winter Deadlines

Dear employees,

Several key quarterly deadlines in Enrollment Services have been adjusted due to the campus closure days. These dates have been changed on the academic calendar and were emailed to all current students last week (see below). Please be aware of these changed dates and help spread the word to students.

Batya L. Maring, Ph.D.
Acting Vice President for Student Learning

Dear students,

Because of this unprecedented weather event, we are extending a few important deadlines this quarter. Please see below for revised dates:

  • Last day to submit a pass-option form:
    February 22
  • Winter Quarter graduation application due:  February 22
  • Last day a “W” grade is issued: February 27

Many of you are applying for transfer this quarter, so we will be waiving the $20 fee for same-day transcript requests through March 18, the last day of instruction.

Are you considering dropping a class?

You can drop classes at this point in the quarter, however, you will need your instructor’s signature or emailed permission, and you will be charged a $15 add/drop fee. Dropping will result in a “W” showing on your transcript for withdrawal, and it will not count in computing your GPA.

The last day to drop a course this quarter with a “W” is Wednesday, February 27. After this date, no “W” will be given.

Please check with Financial Aid before deciding to drop a course as your aid may be impacted. An academic advisor is available to assist you, if needed.

Batya L. Maring, Ph.D.
Acting Vice President for Student Learning

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