Announcement regarding Senior Executive Director & CFO Stuart Trippel’s intent to retire

Stuart Trippel, Senior Executive Director & CFO, has announced his intent to retire from public service at Shoreline Community College.

Trippel came to the College in 2000 as an associate faculty member teaching accounting. In 2006 he began service in the administration, where he has filled various roles and responsibilities. Currently, Trippel’s areas of responsibility are finance and budget, enrollment and financial aid, human resources, facilities and capital projects, auxiliary services, information technology, and safety and security. Prior to his work at the College, Trippel had a 15-year career in regulatory and management consulting in the private sector.

“My years serving as a community college faculty member and administrator have given me a keen sense of the importance of the work that we do together. We really do have the opportunity to change lives for the better, whatever our role,” said Trippel.

President Cheryl Roberts thanked Trippel for his service to the College, saying “as an administrator, Stuart has provided knowledge and leadership that demonstrate his deep commitment to the College and our students, and for which I am personally grateful.”

Trippel added, “I want to emphasize to the campus community that this is entirely my own decision. As the College moves into its next phase of life with new economic realities, a changing campus experience that includes residential life, and the first major instructional space improvements in years, now is a good time to allow for fresh eyes and ears. On a personal level, making a change at this time allows me to plan and enjoy a new phase in my own career.”

President Roberts is working with Trippel and his direct reports to form a transition plan that will take effect during the next several weeks.

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