Initiatives to support students from Art Institute of Seattle closure

Shoreline welcomes all students, and particularly those impacted by the closure of the Art Institute of Seattle. To help those affected students find suitable options in our Arts, Film, and Music programs, the college is supporting a variety of outreach initiatives.

“We understand that students impacted by this sudden closure may be experiencing a range of difficult emotions,” said Nancy Dick, Dean of Humanities. “Our faculty and support services are ready to aid students through this transition so that they can complete their studies and pursue their passion for arts at Shoreline.” Read the complete news article here.

If you hear of any students interested in the Arts, please encourage them to attend the Arts, Film & Music Info Session on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 4:00 pm in Room 9208. Program faculty and advisors will be available to guide students through transfer options and provide tours of our facilities and campus. For specific questions about transferring credits or program advising, please refer students to Alicia Zweifach in Advising:, 206-546-4559.

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