Message from President Roberts: Follow up to March 8 Budget Meeting

Dear Colleague,

Thank you to all who attended the All-Campus Budget Process Meeting in-person and remotely on Friday, March 8. From the comments shared during our meeting, it was clear I did not have all the data that was expected. I understand how this lack of preparation led many to feel disrespected, and for that, I am sorry. Here is the requested data, which provides a three-year history of budget expenditures and revenues.

I also want to apologize to Professor Qaasim who asked the question about our current financial position and had to ask her question, twice. And, I want to thank Professor Daniel for voicing the question again to make sure we covered it. I am committed to being better prepared for our next meeting.

Additionally, there were some questions and comments that we did not have time to read and respond to during the meeting, so the Executive Team has provided written responses to those questions. Please review this information and also let us know if you have any additional budget questions or requests for information, either by using the online comment form or the physical comment boxes in these locations:

  • FOSS 3rd Floor Break Room (Room 5325)
  • PUB 2nd floor Break Room (Room 9212)
  • 2800 Building (Math & Science Main Office)
  • 2300 Building (Health Occupations Room 2340)
  • Library Main Desk (4200 Floor)

To help us navigate these uncertain times with our enrollment and financial situation, I have asked Bill Saraceno to serve as our Interim Chief Financial Officer. His major focus will be to help us address our financial situation at the College. He has already begun to gather data to understand the College’s financial position and to provide a budget process for us to consider as we build our 2019-20 budget. Before Stuart Trippel’s departure, we were also able to receive all of the information needed from him and so we will no longer need him to provide additional information to the College.

Our next budget conversation with be on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 (1:30-3:00 p.m.) in PUB Main Dining Room. I look forward to seeing you there.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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