Message from President Roberts: Timeline for submitting budget adjustments into the Budget Planning System

Dear Colleague,

I’d like to provide an update on budget work that’s been happening since our April 23 Budget Conversation. The College has now established the budget planning process for 2019-20. Budget managers in Admin Team received a training on April 29 on how to make one-time budget adjustments to the Budget Planning System (BPS) to help to reduce our 2019-20 expenditures by 2% (about $800K total). Over the next couple of weeks, budget managers will be working with employees in their areas to determine the most appropriate and effective way to reduce some of their goods and services expenditures for the coming year. My hope is you will engage in this process with your budget manager.

The purpose of this year’s Budget Planning process:

  • To put less pressure on our Cash Balances to have the most flexibility going into the 2020-21 budget
  • Look to reduce goods and services for 2019-20 budget
  • Ways to think about reducing expenditures in your budget
  • The goal of the process: To reduce 2% of our overall operating budget for 2019-20

Here is the timeline for the 2019-20 budget adjustments:

  • Week of April 29: The Budget Planning System goes live
    • Each manager will review the BPS for possible reductions
    • Meetings to confer with staff will also take place to review possible reductions
  • Week of May 7: Continue meeting with staff to discuss possible reductions
    • By Friday, May 10, managers will finalize their BPS to move forward to their Executive Team member
  • Week of May 13: Executive Team reviews BPS recommendations
  • Week of May 20: Executive Team finalizes BPS recommendations to move forward to the Board of Trustees at their Wednesday, May 22 meeting

The Budget Planning process is just one piece of our entire 2019-20 budget process to close a $3M shortfall. Here are the other proposed elements in the process:

  • Hold open some vacant positions: Saving $800K
  • Reduce budgeted expenditures by 2%: Saving $800K
  • Assess where we can grow revenue, increase enrollment, and support retention
  • Remainder (~$1.4M) will come from cash balances

Thank you for working with your manager/director/dean to help review your budgets to build a 2019-20 budget.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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