Message from President Roberts: Personnel update for Employee Engagement, Equity & Organizational Development

Dear Colleague,

Dr. Gloria Ngezaho, Executive Director of Employee Engagement, Equity, and Organizational Development, has shared his decision to resign from his position, effective May 20, 2019.

Dr. Ngezaho shared, “Although this was not an easy decision to make, I am grateful for the professional opportunities and the honor to have briefly shared this journey with the campus community in which we achieved some great things. Throughout it all, I have learned so much, and have been enriched by the connections and relationships I made in the past year. And for that, I am grateful to each and every one of you.”

Dr. Ngezaho joined the College a year ago to assume responsibilities for this new area. Dr. Ngezaho, along with Pilar Corder, Executive Assistant – Office of Employee Engagement, Equity, and Organizational Development, have worked collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administrators across campus to establish our New Employee Orientation (NEO); offered diversity, equity and access trainings, implemented a manager’s checklist to support new employees; facilitated Courageous Conversations with the Executive Team (ET) and individual employee groups; and collaboratively organized the second annual Day of Learning.

President Cheryl Roberts thanked Dr. Ngezaho for his service to the College, saying, “I am grateful for your work to help us make great strides in living into our values of respect, inclusion, and student engagement.”

President Roberts is working with Executive Assistant Pilar Corder to reach out to key interest holders in this work: the Faculty Senate and SCCFT leadership, Brigid Nulty, Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning & Assessment, the MCORE faculty, and the Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee to develop a transition plan for this important work at the College.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


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