Message from Executive Director G. Ngezaho: Feedback from 2019 Day of Learning Survey

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for making the 2019 Day of Learning a success. You helped by informing and designing the day, as well as led/facilitated sessions and activities.

Please see the Day of Learning Feedback – AM, Day of Learning Feedback- PM, Day of Learning 2019 Summaries documents for the raw feedback provided by some of our colleagues for both the morning and afternoon activities. To be respectful of our colleagues, names linked to feedback contained on the Excel sheets, whether complimentary or not, were not included.

We are grateful for your continued willingness to help us get better and improve this important day, so we can further grow as a connected, strong campus community. We will use this gift you just gave us to make improvements for next year’s Day of Learning.

Thank you!
With humility and gratitude, Shine!
Gloria Ngezaho, MACR, Ed.D
Executive Director
Employee Engagement, Equity, and Organizational Development

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