Students, Equity & Success update on the Dean of Access and Advising position

As a follow up to the April announcement that the Dean of Access and Advising position would be on hold for a year, the following staffing plan will be implemented effective June 1, 2019:

    • Mariko Kakiuchi will assume duties as Acting Dean for College Access and Advising.  Mariko would continue to report to the VP for Students, Equity & Success (SES) and will supervise Chris Melton, Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid, Alan Loveless, Acting Assistant Director of CEO and Mari Kosin, Director of Honors.
    • Mariko will have leadership responsibilities supervising the areas of Advising, Career Education Options, Learning Center North, Enrollment Services and Financial Aid, Youth Reengagement, Running Start, and Honors.
    • Jennifer Coogan will serve as Associate Dean until June 30, working collaboratively with Mariko to support staff in advising. Between July 1-31, Jennifer will have a new contract to work on existing special projects, continuing to report to the VP for SES.  I want to thank Jennifer for her work as Associate Dean and for her professionalism as we embark on this transition.
    • During this time, Alan Loveless will serve as Acting Assistant Director of Career Education Options, under the supervision of Mariko Kakiuchi. Support for the Program Specialist II position will be provided in a temporary role.
    • Title IX coordinator responsibilities will be transitioned over the summer and a July training will be held in order to expand the number of Title IX investigators on campus.

The Division of Students, Equity & Success will work collectively as a team during this transition period to ensure continuity of services and support for students and employees. If you have any questions or need clarity on this change, please contact Dr. Marisa Herrera, Vice President Students, Equity & Success at

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