Message from President Roberts: Flyer found in Library

On Monday, July 22, a flyer was discovered in the Library that encouraged reporting individuals who are undocumented to law enforcement. The flyer was removed and Safety & Security continues to monitor the campus for any other materials of this nature. According to Safety & Security, Edmonds Community College also found similar flyers on their campus on the same day.

At this time, I want to reaffirm that Shoreline Community College serves and supports all students, regardless of immigration status. We do not request or collect immigration documentation except as needed to determine eligibility for resident tuition. Additionally:

  • The College has no legal obligation or affirmative duty to enforce federal immigration law.
  • The College does not provide immigration information or any other protected student information to others without a lawfully issued subpoena or court order.
  • Campus security officers do not question people about their immigration status and do not detain people because they are undocumented.
  • We do not make admission decisions based on immigration status.

I know many people may be feeling distress about current anti-immigration sentiments and practices in this country. If students or employees are experiencing anxiety, stress, or fear, I encourage you to access free and confidential counseling resources:

Please know all are welcome here.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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