Shoreline Early Alert System

Dear Campus Colleagues:

As we begin fall quarter, we would like to remind you about Shoreline Early Alert (SEA).

SEA is a referral program to serve ALL (domestic and international) students on campus. SEA is designed to provide academic intervention to students encountering difficulty in the pursuit of their academic goals. We recognize that intervention is a process and may not produce immediate results. That is why it is our goal is to reach out to the student early in the quarter and connect them to the appropriate resources.


Use the SEA Referral Form rather than sending individual emails. A SEA Team member will respond to the referral within 24 hours by reaching out to both you and the student.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and to support our students!

The Shoreline Early Alert (SEA)

When to Refer
If you’ve observed factors like those listed below, and you have previously reached out to the student without seeing positive change, it’s time to fill out the SEA referral form.

Examples of student difficulties that may lead you to make a referral:
• Low test scores
• Unexplained excessive absenteeism
• Tardiness with indication of transportation or family concerns
• Pacing in an online class
• Not doing assignments
• Financial matters
• External concerns

Purpose of SEA
SEA is intended to:
• Be a positive and supportive experience for students
• Support students who may be showing or have indicated possible academic “red flags”
• Direct students to appropriate resources

SEA is not intended to be:
• Punitive, disciplinary, or a means for enforcing classroom policies (e.g. cell phone use, disruptive behavior, absenteeism associated with classroom policy, etc.)
• For behaviors of concern, please see the Behavioral Intervention Team

What Happens Next
There a series of steps that occur in order:
1. Employee submits a referral
2. SEA Team member assigns an appropriate employee to reach out to the student
3. The employee makes three attempts to contact the student
4. The employee attempts an intervention to direct the student to appropriate resources
5. The employee will follow up with referrer

Throughout this process, the referrer may contact a member of the SEA Team regarding the referral.

Make a Referral: visit the intranet at: .

If there are other concerns in the classroom that worry you about a student or if you see something questionable or concerning visit

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