Campus Budget Questions as of October 11

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for attending the Campus Budget Conversation on Friday, October 11. If you missed the meeting, you can watch the video recording.

Here are responses to the most recent budget questions that were submitted last week. Additional budget-related questions, comments, and suggestions may be submitted any time via an online feedback form as well as physical comment boxes in the following locations:

  • FOSS 3rd Floor Break Room (Room 5325)
  • PUB 2nd floor Break Room (Room 9212)
  • 2800 Building (Math & Science Main Office-Reception Desk)
  • 2300 Building (Health Occupations Break Room-#2340)
  • Library Main Desk (4200 Floor)

This feedback will be collected each Wednesday, and the Executive Team will make every effort to provide responses to this feedback by the following Wednesday.

This year, we’ve created a Budget SharePoint site, so there is one centralized location for employees to access all budget-related documentation and resources. On this site, there is a folder called “05 – Budget Information where you’ll find all of the responses to the budget-related questions employees have submitted via the online and physical comment boxes. For questions about accessing the Sharepoint site, please refer to this overview video.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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