Terry Taylor serves as President of FACTC (Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges of WA)

Our own Terry Taylor, Assistant Dean of The Honors College and Professor of History, Political Science, and International Studies, was elected president of the Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges of WA (FACTC) at the Spring FACTC meeting at Spokane Community College. The FACTC holds annual elections, but most presidents serve 3-4 years on average. Congratulations, Terry!

FACTC works closely with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges on policy and advocacy issues and provides a forum for faculty to discuss statewide policy and share instructional information and concerns across campuses. Terry replaces Gerry Smith from Clark College as President. Each of the 34 colleges has a representative to FACTC and they meet quarterly.

Terry shared, “I would say one of the more rewarding experiences of FACTC is meeting colleagues from across the state from the wide variety of big and small, urban and rural, colleges. We have the opportunity to learn what is happening on other campuses and share innovations and new teaching practices. We are a very collegial group in all the best senses of the word.”
For more information about FACTC, contact ttaylor@shoreline.edu.

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