Office Space Updates for 1400, 1200, 4000, & 9000


I wanted to make the campus aware of recent office moves in the 1400, 1200, 4000, and 9000 buildings.

1400 building: 

    • Leah Pearce, whose title is now Director of Continuing Education & Events, is moving from 9114 in the Bookstore to office 1419. Continuing Education, Events, and Rentals will report to Leah. She also will temporarily continue to provide leadership to Auxiliary Services.
    • Suzanne Gugger, Program Specialist 2 – Rentals, will move from 9114 in the Bookstore to office 1421.

1200 building: 

    • We are in the process of hiring a second Instructional Designer to fill a vacated position and that person will be housed in office 1202.
    • Patricia Wade, eLearning System Admin, is moving from office 1202 to 1214.
    • Joe Chiappa, Organizational Change & Project Manager for ctcLink, is located in office 1204.
    • We will be hiring a second dedicated person for the ctcLink project, who will be located in office 1212.
    • We are in the midst of hiring a Program Specialist 2 – Continuing Education; that person will be located in office 1213 and will report to Leah Pearce.
    • Colleen Ferguson, Program Specialist 2 – Events, is back in the same office location as last spring, office 1215.

4000 building:

    • Paul Fernandez has moved from the 1200 building; his second office space, 4217, has become his official and sole office location.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Ann Garnsey-Harter
Executive Director for eLearning, Classroom Support, Continuing Education, & (Interim) Technology Support Services

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