New food service options coming to campus


Due to increasing costs and campus feedback about our food service, the College began a search for a new food service provider at the start of fall quarter. After posting the opportunity for food service bids, none were received, which allowed the College to consider other options to meet our needs. Considerations included opportunities to expand the variety of food, to increase hours of availability, and to provide food service in more locations across campus. 

New Vendor

The College is pleased to announce that starting in winter quarter 2020, Avanti Markets will be our new food service provider. Avanti provides convenient, healthy food options in a self-service format, known as a micro-market, that will be located in the cafeteria space in the PUB Building 9000. An Avanti Market will also be placed in the Health Science Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex that is scheduled to open in 2021. Both Lake Washington Institute of Technology and Bellevue College’s North Campus use this vendor as well.

How It Works

Meals will be available anytime the PUB is open in an unstaffed retail space in the cafeteria, offering a wide variety of snacks, fresh entrees, and cold and hot beverages (including coffee and tea) that are restocked regularly. Patrons pay through a kiosk using cash, credit/debit card, or a mobile app. The market will have a full security system in place to mitigate any loss or theft. 

Additional Food Options

The College has also put out a request for bids for food trucks on campus to supplement Avanti’s grab-n-go choices with a rotation of hot food options. In addition, the College is looking into a company called Fooda that serves hot meals onsite from top-rated local restaurants. A plan for additional vending machines in various buildings across campus is also in development. More information about these options will be forthcoming, as will guidelines for catering orders.

Timeline for Changes

The new Avanti Market will open in January, once the new equipment is installed in the cafeteria space. The last day Lancer Hospitality will offer food service in the cafeteria is December 12. After December 12, the cafeteria space and coffee spot will close while we make the transition to Avanti. During this interim period, the Bookstore will be available for snack and beverage purchases. 

These new options will create cost savings for the College as well as increase meal choices and availability for students and employees. More information will be shared with the campus as final details are arranged. Many thanks to Lancer Hospitality for providing food service to our campus for the last several years. 

Any questions about this change may be directed to Veronica Zura at Thank you!


  1. DuValle Daniel says:

    As a union member, I must say that this option which reduces the opportunities for real people to have real jobs is not what I would consider progress. Self-service is convenient, but from a labor perspective, it is also counter-productive to the idea of creating opportunities to increase the labor force and reduce unemployment. I am glad for the attempts at hot food as well as having options in different areas of campus.

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