Web Support Quarter Update – Fall 2019

In addition to our day to day updates and tasks, the web team (Adam Staffa, Cody Brehm, and Gavin Smith) has completed the following website projects this quarter:

  1. LPN-RN program option page: A new program option page has been built to reflect our LPN to RN offering.
  2. Public Health and Speech & Hearing Science pre-major pages have been added to the list of program options.
  3. Benefits Hub: A page has been created for the Benefits Hub on our site. You can find the link to the site on our Funding & Aid page as well as through the site search
  4. Parking & Permits page: Major updates and improvements have been made to the parking page.
  5. Faculty pages: Personal, faculty-run webpages were removed from the website and now link to each faculty members Employee Directory information. This keeps faculty information consistent throughout the site and helps students find their professors contact information more easily while reducing confusion.
  6. Campus Maps: The campus map was update throughout the website to reflect our new 7000 Campus Living building as well as merge the various maps (motorcycle, bike, smoking areas) into one accessible location.
  7. Student Housing & Residential Life: Updates were made to the student housing page to provide key information to current and prospective students interested in living on campus.
  8. Academic Calendar: Minor improvements were made to the Academic Calendar.
  9. Waitlist Procedure: Improvements were made to the Automatic Waitlist Procedure page to better inform students on how to join waitlists for full courses and what to do at the beginning of the semester so they do not miss out on key information given in the first few days of class.
  10. Foundation section redesign – Improvements to the Foundation website were made to ensure a successful capital campaign and make it easier for students to access scholarships.
  11. Overseas Online Learning page was added to the International Education section to promote our online offerings to students outside the United States.
  12. Program Navigation: A complete redesign of Shoreline’s program navigation was organized and implemented earlier this year. Key results were the faceted Browse All Programs search page, templated program option pages to keep our program offerings consistent, and exploration landing pages. In December, the Program Navigation Committee conducted a 6-month review to recognize accomplishments as well as completion gaps and unexpected issues that arose from the change. Within this large scope of work, website governance was a key factor and a detailed governance process was created for updates relating to department, program, and program option information on the website.

We have a lot of great projects in progress including, but not limited to:

  1. Enhancing the Funding & Aid page to make it easier for students to understand all of their options for funding their education
  2. Improvements to the Employee Directory (in collaboration with Gavin Smith in TSS)
  3. Improvements to the class schedule (in collaboration with Gavin Smith in TSS)
  4. Safety and Security section update
  5. The Writing and Learning Studio update

For this academic year, we are in the process of, and hope to complete, the following large scale projects:

  1. Improvements to the Apply & Aid section of the site to help students better understand the enrollment process
  2. Creation of a landing page that highlights all the support services/resources we offer for students
  3. Redesign of our home page
  4. Redesign of our contact information boxes
  5. Intranet updates including a landing page for all committees

We are working with various departments and divisions for help on these projects and look forward to getting input as we work through some of these improvements.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback about the website, you can submit them through our form on the web support page.


  1. Jenna Durney says:

    You have been busy! Thanks for sharing out all the great work you are doing.

  2. Pilar Corder says:

    Well done! It’s great to see all of the work and projects the C&M team has completed behind the scenes.

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