Update: Vice President for Business & Administrative Services (VP-B&AS) Position

Dear Campus Community,

I am emailing you to confirm that no hire was made for the Vice President for Business & Administrative Services (VP-B&AS) from the Fall 2019 applicant pool. Noting that this is the College’s third unsuccessful attempt to recruit for the VP-B&AS position, along with input from the VP-B&AS screening committee, I have taken a close look at the scope of this position and scaled it back to what I’m hoping is a more reasonable assignment of responsibilities in order to better attract a qualified candidate to apply.

Previously, the VP-B&AS position included the major responsibilities of Auxiliary Services, Budget/Finance, Facilities/Capital Projects, Human Resources, Safety & Security, and Technology Support Services. Beginning January 2020, Human Resources (HR) will report directly to me and Executive Director for HR Veronica Zura will become a member of the Executive Team for the College. Safety & Security will report to Executive Director Zura. In addition, Technology Support Services (TSS) will be moved to the Office of Student Learning to capitalize on the opportunity to align TSS with the institutional reporting and instructional needs of the College.

Based on these adjustments, the College will be re-opening the VP-B&AS position in January 2020 and will be considering multiple options to help the College recruit qualified applicants for this position.

Any questions you have may be directed to HR at scchr@shoreline.edu at any time.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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