Passing of TSS Director Gary Kalbfleisch

Dear Colleague,

It is with great sadness that I inform the campus community that Technology Support Services (TSS) Director, Gary Kalbfleisch, passed away yesterday. Gary was a long-standing employee, having been first hired in 1990 as a classroom technician at the Northshore branch of the College.

His exceptional technical skills were quickly recognized and he eventually became Director of TSS. He architected the IT network and systems we all use today. Statewide, he worked collaboratively with many colleges to implement a code-sharing agreement that was signed by every institution. The agreement allows any software written at any college, to be shared with the other colleges at no charge.

Above all, Gary had a true commitment to the College’s mission and to his employees. He would tell any new employee that he had two rules: “customer service and no surprises.” This meant that employees should always be focused on serving students and the campus community and if something were to go wrong, to tell him right away so the work on making it right could start immediately.

His passing is a loss for us all. We will continue to support our colleagues in TSS during this very tender time.

With caring thoughts,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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