Check out some new waves of gratitude submissions

• A wave of gratitude for Savena Garrett! “Savena helped me problem solve an issue I had with my budget. All looks good now! Thank you Savena.”

• A wave of gratitude for Megan Minto! “Thank you Megan for finding the long table to fit in my cube. I was pretty bummed with some office layout changes, but the table made all the difference in helping me reframe my thoughts. It is working out well!”

• A wave of gratitude for Alysen Laakso! “Thank you Alysen for all of your hard work with our students and scholarships! You have been supportive and collaborative, and it has been wonderful to work with a colleague who clearly cares about student success. Best wishes at your new position – you will be missed!”

• A wave of gratitude for Gavin Smith! “Gavin is always a calm guiding presence who is quick to tackle a data challenge in a creative way. He helped develop a new solution to a task that had been tedious in data entry, and was instead able to create a query that can be replicated in future quarters. Moreover, Gavin is kind and approachable to work with – thanks Gavin!”

• A wave of gratitude for Stephanie Baker! “Stephanie did a great job mapping out the ES business processes for the CTC Link workshops. She learned the new software and created clear understandable maps so that we could all align on the work to be done. She brought clarity to a process that can be unfamiliar to many. Well done, Stephanie!”

• A wave of gratitude for Joe Chiappa! “Joe did a great job bringing us all together on the new CTC Link mapping process. He is a calm guiding presence who can navigate complex business processes. He sees both the big picture and the small details, and is also delightful to share in meetings together. We are lucky to have Joe with us!”

• A wave of gratitude for Inez Olive!” Inez has just joined our college in January but has already made a terrific start! She has innovative and creative ideas to help us recruit adult learners for Workforce and all college programs. She brings a wealth of great ideas and moreover the practical tasks needed to make those ideas come to life. We are so grateful Inez chose to come to Shoreline!”

• Aura Erickson is sending a wave of gratitude to Nina Grishinchuk! “Nina is dedicated to her job. She not only excels at the work but is an amazing co-worker. Always thoughtful with other. She has given so much support to the office. Sometimes staying to work past her work hours and coming to work during the evenings. It is an honor to work with such professional co-worker. She is one of the unsung heroes of this college. Thanks Nina for your dedication to your work!”

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please follow use this form.

-The Recognition Committee

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