Check out this week’s Wave of Gratitude submissions

• A wave of gratitude from Jenna Durney to Alan Loveless! “Thank you for bringing in jugs of water to the office to help us get through to the next water delivery for our water dispenser. That was incredibly kind and thoughtful.”

• A wave of gratitude from Wanda Waldrop to the anonymous leave donors! “Our donated leave is truly anonymous. But I know that many people from manufacturing, facilities, and others donated to me. I was very ill and took months to fully recover and be back full time. Without the donations, I would have been in a world of hurt for sure. So thank you all!”

• A wave of gratitude to Nancy Marshal! “Nancy is able to juggle many huge projects at the same time. She makes sure faculty are paid for any extra work in a timely manner. She handles the scheduling of classes and there have been numerous changes of faculty, rooms, and times this year. Our departments would not run without her. She is the heart of HOPE/B.”

• A wave of gratitude to Leslie Potter-Henderson! “Leslie has brought unity and calm to the library including a vision for the library that encourages us to pursue library innovations and personal professional development while focusing on inclusion.”

• A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos! “Jocelyn Ramos has stepped into a leadership role at the Parent/Child (where there were 3 people in Leadership and now it’s only her). Though she has so much on her plate, she has taken the time to help me with some unexpected computer challenges as well as being gracious enough to be the go-between on of the paperwork that our previous manager handled and now is handled by someone else (that isn’t physically here at the center).”

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please follow use this form.

-The Recognition Committee

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