Campus cleaning

Good Afternoon,

Although there are no known cases of COVID-19 on our campus at this time, the Facilities department has implemented additional daily cleaning measures on high-touch areas across campus. Given the number of questions being received on this topic, I am sending responses to recent FAQs.

  1. What additional cleaning methods has the College implemented in response to recently confirmed regional cases of COVID-19?

The custodial team has implemented a daily schedule to disinfect campus tables, desks, restroom partition doors, hand and guard rails, and doorknobs/push plates.

  1. What can I do to help keep my area disinfected?

While the custodial team is focused on tables, desks, restrooms, doorknobs, and other high touch point locations across campus, individual employees should ensure they are disinfecting their work phones, keyboards, computers/printers, and other individual work items on a daily basis.

  1. Where can I get disinfectant or wipes to clean my personal work items?

Facilities has submitted a large order for additional hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and surface cleaners. There is a backlog of orders currently unfilled due to increased demands by the public for these products. While the College awaits the arrival of this order, paper towels can be used with hand sanitizer to clean work items.

  1. Where are sanitizer dispensers located on campus?

Current Locations: 9200 Main Dining Room and Serving Room, 9100 by South Door, 1600 Lobby, 5100 Facilities Office, 5200 Hallway near Front Door and Counseling Center, 5300 Hallway by Front Door, 2300 West and Eastside Entrances, 1721 Computer Lab, 4200 Main Entrance

New Locations (added as soon as supplies arrive): 3100 Hallway near Weight Room, 3200 Main Doors, 1000 Main Entrances, 1500 Hallway, 2900 Upper Annex, 4100 Entrances, 2000 Entrances, 800 Entrances, 9300 Hallway, 2100 Upper Hallway, 2800 Main Lobby

  1. Given that the majority of our custodial team works an afternoon/evening shift, what is being done to address disinfecting needs of high touch areas throughout the day?

In addition to the existing day shift custodian, additional staff will be re-assigned on a temporary basis to support ongoing disinfecting of high-touch areas throughout the day. This will redirect efforts not related to COVID 19 response, so there will be a noted decrease in vacuuming and other routine services.

  1. My area does not appear to have been cleaned within the last day. Who should I tell?

Please submit a work request online so that Facilities staff can be assigned to complete the missed area immediately.

If you have additional questions on the College’s COVID-19 response, please visit the Campus COVID-19/Coronavirus Webpage to review campus communications, resources and links to support. If you have Facilities questions in addition to those addressed above, please reach out to Sherri Walley at or Jason Francois ( at any time.

Thank you,
Jason Francois, MBA
Director of Facilities and Capital Projects

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