Check out this week’s wave of gratitude submissions

A Wave of gratitude for Adam and Cody! A Big THANK YOU to Adam Staffa and Cody Brehm from Communications & Marketing. They spent their Friday evening getting information posted to the Testing Center’s website so students could access the new remote proctor option for the math assessment. You really went above and beyond to help our students! Thank you!
From Dannica Totten Testing and assessment services.

A Wave of gratitude for Fabian! Fabian (Students Equity & Success ) has done an incredible job of leading the Benefits Hub! In the face of remote work, he advocated to stay open as long as possible so students could still eat. Now that he has to be home, he helped move the food pantry into the Residence Hall so those students could have access to food. He is constantly thinking of innovative ways to help folks during this difficult time!

A Wave of gratitude to Derek Levy! Thank you to Derek for his excellent job at stepping into a new role and taking on a huge job during this emergency, all the while still supporting his direct reports in the amazing way that he always does. Derek has been pivotal during this time of uncertainty and his work has been admirable.

A Wave of gratitude to Derek Levy! Derek (Student Equity & Success) did an amazing job of filling in as Acting VP these past couple months. He made thoughtful decisions in the face of a pandemic, putting the welfare of the students and staff above everything else. Even with his increased workload, he still checked in with his direct reports consistently, showing the same attention and support to each of us. Thank you, Derek!!

A Wave of gratitude for Amy Rovner! Amy Rovner is always willing to lead a helping hand in providing instructional trainings on various tools for eLearning. Her sessions are both informative and fun! Your hard work and long hours do not go unnoticed. Thank you!

A Wave of gratitude to Derek Levy! Derek (Student Equity & Success) has been an incredible leader and compassionate human being to support every area of SES as Acting VP particularly in these most unprecedented circumstances.

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.

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