Check out the latest waves of gratitude

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-SHOUT out to Jocelyn for doing an AMAZING job for the Parent Center. She has held the families and staff together. She has continued to build a strong structure of support and community among all of us. Jocelyn continues to uplift and keep the staff calm with word of encouragement. Jocelyn has been our very own beacon of light and we are so THANKFUL for all she does for the center.

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-Greeting us each morning, keeping us informed, answering our questions quickly, reminding us of our guidelines and letting us know of that one time when she clocked-out early

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-She runs parent-child care and somehow manages 3 jobs and I never saw her angry or being mad at somebody.

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-Jocelyn an example of extraordinary work performance during COVID time. She held all communications and duties of three people in one for parent-child center. Her amazing strength and kindness in supporting all of us, coworkers and families is amazing!

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-Jocelyn is great! Having to do the job of 3 people. keeping up with the college demands of being a supervisor, keeping the staff calm, up-to-date on what is happening and on track and always does this with a positive attitude and smile on her face. I really appreciate all that she does and enjoy working with her.

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-Jocelyn Ramos is the Program specialist 4 for the Parent Child Center, she is in charge of everything right now because we don’t have a director or anybody else. She works very hard and always make sure the teachers, children and parents are safe and happy.

A wave of gratitude to Jocelyn Ramos!-In the midst of this crisis, Jocelyn has been a steadfast leader. She has so much on her plate yet she consistently has been available to support me (and the rest of the PCC staff) through it all.

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.

-The Recognition Committee

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