Check out this week’s new wave of gratitude submissions

A wave of gratitude from Mimi Harvey to Patricia Wade!
I want to give a big shout-out to Patricia Wade for her unfailing patience and good humor in dealing with my (almost) daily questions and issues. Hearing her reassuring voice on Zoom let’s me know right away that I’m not alone in this new teaching environment and I will get the help I need. She always has solutions for me, clearly (and sometimes repeatedly) explained. I’m am learning so much from her and I know that my students are benefitting as well. Great job, Patricia! You’re a rock star!

A wave of gratitude to Pilar Corder!
Pilar is at the ready to support our employees with engaging activities and learning in ways that truly matters. She always brings a positive spirit to her work and is a joy to work with. This is a Shout OUT to Pilar who thinks of all of us in every action she takes!

A wave of gratitude to Rob Berg!
Rob’s beautiful video of the campus in spring bloom was lovely! It made me weepy and longing for us to all be back together on campus. Thank you Rob!

A wave of gratitude to Patricia Wade and Joe Andolina Jr.!
Patricia and Joe are integral parts of helping our campus pivot so successfully to fully online classes at the end of Winter quarter and beginning fully online for Spring quarter. In the first 22 days of April, they responded to 837 tickets and uncounted emails to support our community!! Thank you both so much for all you do! We couldn’t be doing this without you both!

A wave of gratitude from Gail Dalton to Cecily Sherritt!
A big shout out to Cecily Sherritt for risking her own health by coming to campus several days a week to process the graduation forms for students with little to no help. I am grateful for her assistance in this trying time.

A wave of gratitude from Mari Kosin to Ulrike Lopez!
Ulrike has been answering all my questions so diligently and patiently with regards to all the financial documentations that I have been pouring over her ‘remote’ desk. While she has hundreds of requests to go through as we are approaching the end of fiscal year deadline, she gives me a sense of peace and confidence that they will all be taken care of. Thanks so much!

A wave of gratitude to Greg Ingersoll!
Greg has completely cleaned and disinfected the shop and now will help disinfecting more rooms on campus. Greg always keeps the shop in good working order and clean but has stepped up his game during this time. If you ever want to meet some one on campus who truly loves their job, come meet Greg, when appropriate.

A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to TSS!
Thank you TSS for understanding that I don’t understand all of the laptop magic. Bill, Paul, and Kenny for finding the broken parts of my computer and trying to fix it when I couldn’t explain what was happening and no I don’t know what the grey thing is that is covering the front!! Thanks Kenny…

A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Jim Miller and Ellen Gottas!
Jim Miller and Ellen Gottas for teaching me about the “magic” of the phone system and what it won’t do versus what it can do and why won’t it do that!! Jim for the numerous questions about the iPhone I have and “why won’t it do this and how do I make it do that.” My phone is a voicemail phone, and there is apparently magic, because the calls are coming through when I am talking to a student who left a message?

Thank you Ellen who has so much patience when the computer lab was open and everyone wanted everything.  She had to listen to me as the students wanted more answers than I had,  for all of these questions Ellen was there to fix it…

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

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  1. everyone on here are just great people who love there jobs, thank you all for what you do

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