Employee Connections- Featured Friday

Featured Professional Development:
Do you want to ensure that your Zoom meetings are secure for both you and your participants? E-Learning has created a recorded Zoom Security Session video where you can learn best practices for Zoom. There are also some quick FAQ’s included as well.

This Friday’s Featured Employee:
Name: Jenna Durney
Title of Employee: Interim Opportunity Grant Specialist
Length at College– 3 years— Time Flies 🙂
Something you want everyone to know about the work you do:
I would like everyone to know that my favorite part of the day is when I can:
-Help professional technical students figure out how to pay for school
-Help adult learners, low-income students, and first-generation college students navigate college

I appreciate all the faculty and staff that work with me in ensuring Opportunity Grant students are able to achieve their goals.

Whenever someone needs _____ they should contact you.
Strategizing paying for school or a pep talk

**Feel free to contact Jenifer by emailing (jdurney@shoreline.edu) or “saying hi” on Teams!**

Featured Tech Tip:
Stay informed with all things ctcLink by checking out their new website!

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