Subject: Suspension of most Committee & Council work for spring quarter

Dear Colleague,

I am following up related to the College’s current remote status and commitment of service at the College. We have become increasingly aware of the time it is taking to work with our students in this new remote environment. The Executive Team (ET) and I have made the decision based on comments from administrators, faculty, and staff to suspend most of the committees and councils (we currently have over 60 active constituent groups). However, there will be a limited number of committees/councils that will continue to ensure that we can move forward critical outcomes for the College.

For the remainder of the quarter, the following will continue:

  • Division Planning Meetings (DPCs)
  • Appointment Review Committees (ARCs)
  • Division Meetings
  • Care Team (
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Joint Union Management Committee (JUMC)
  • Union Management Communication Committee (UMCC)
  • Committee for the Resolution of Academic Grievances (CRAG)
  • Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) (as needed)
  • Student Conduct (as needed)
  • Professional Development (as needed)
  • Guided Pathways (paid roles and/or released positions)
  • Learning Outcomes (paid roles and/or released positions)
  • Accreditation (paid roles and/or released positions)
  • Communicable Disease Team (CDT) (Organizing our COVID-19 response)

It is our hope that this time gained from these service commitments can be dedicated to your own learning, teaching, and support of your students. Although this may be an unusual measure, we feel it is necessary to ensure that all of us have the time needed to support our students and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With care and consideration of you in your Shoreline roles,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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