Virtual affinity open during spring quarter

The objectives of affinity groups are the following:

    • Participants will have opportunities to support each other including but not limited to collegial interactions and professional development.
    • Participants will connect solidarity-based groups to equity, inclusion, and student retention.
    • Participants will develop understanding of solidarity-based group processes (affinity/caucus groups) to inform course instruction/group facilitation.

For this reason, we are opening 6 virtual online affinity groups via Zoom. Please find these designated groups listed on the employee calendar. We understand that every group might not be represented here, but this is our intentional start as a campus to create a space for the marginalized and historically underrepresented groups.

If you feel there is a new group you would like to lead or co-lead, please reach out to Pilar Corder ( with the name of your group. She will then follow up with you on marketing your group.

The Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee

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