Request embedded eLearning support in your Canvas class: eLearning resources for faculty

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

We have heard that some faculty are getting eLearning-related questions from students. You always can send students to eLearning Services at and 24/7 Canvas Support. If you want more direct eLearning help for students, you now can request an eLearning Services staff member be embedded into your Canvas class.

eLearning Services then will add a discussion into your Canvas class, for example: “Ask Hoshimi eLearning Questions.”  Our eLearning staff member will respond to questions in that discussion within 24 hours.

The embedded eLearning support staff member will abide by guiding principles for student success support.

If you are interested, please email with:

    1. Written confirmation that you would like an embedded eLearning staff member added to your Canvas class with student access privileges
    2. Class name and number
    3. Class item #
    4. Quarter

Ann Garnsey-Harter, Ph.D.
Executive Director for eLearning, CSS, Continuing Ed, & (Acting) TSS, ctcLink

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