Employee Connections: Featured Friday

Featured Professional Learning/Development:

GOT YOUR 6 (GY6) is a campus-wide initiative for faculty and staff that focuses on the challenges our student veterans face when transitioning from military to civilian life and how our campus community can support them. For more information, contact Missy Anderson (manderson4@shroeline.edu)  or Rosemary Whiteside (rwhiteside@shoreline.edu).

Featured Tech Tip:
Did you know you can delay the snipping tool start time when using it? Simply hit “delay,” select a set amount of time, then hit new. This can be useful for when you may need to scroll or for a “finicky” webpage.

Featured Employee:
Name: Bonnie L. Madison
Title of Employee: IT Customer Services
Length at College: 35 years this August

Something you want everyone to know about the work you do:
That if I can’t help, I’m going to help to find someone who can.

Whenever someone needs _____ they should contact you.
Access to their user account

Connect with Bonnie by emailing her at  bmadison@shoreline.edu or saying hello on Teams!

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