Thank You for Attending the Special Campus Conversation

Dear Colleague,

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Special Campus Conversation on Tuesday, as we continue to grapple with the current dialog around racism in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. I want to thank Dr. Herrera for her help in providing context to our conversation and to those who came alongside her to help facilitate conversations in the breakout sessions.

We had over 100 employees take time out of their day to share, listen, and support one another, and I am so grateful for your participation. Your vulnerability, thoughtfulness, and willingness to share different perspectives provided a much-needed space for us to begin reflecting and healing.

This conversation also helps set the stage for the next academic year, in which we recommit as a College to addressing the ways in which race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, English proficiency, community wealth, familial situations, ability or other factors contribute to or perpetuate lower educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment for certain groups of students. Moving forward, our hope is to build new competencies together in order to ensure our students have an equitable educational experience filled with care and support.

This is not the last time we will talk and I encourage you to find ways to continue connecting with colleagues during this emotionally tumultuous time so that we can continue to be available to support our students who depend on us.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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